“‘TRAIN TO ZAKOPANÉ’ IS A COMPLETE TRIUMPH! The depth and range of Tanna Frederick’s remarkable work is always stunning to see as she takes her next - and often deeper - step, in an astonishingly brave career on stage and on film. She is a truly extraordinary talent and never more so than in this outstanding and unique film, which is also some of Henry Jaglom’s very best and most personal work. Henry Jaglom’s haunting black & white version of his own very successful play strongly resonates with complex and profoundly touching humanity. There are exquisite visual contrasts, a fascinating use of dark backgrounds & brightly lit foregrounds to focus on Jaglom’s main characters as he & his editor Ron Vignone create lovely star-fields and city-lights which give the film a poetic and intimate quality that greatly enhances the characters’ very complex love/hate relationship, in which bigotry and deception walk hand-in-hand to their inevitable, yet profoundly touching resolution. Ms. Frederick has found a co-star in the handsome South-African born Mike Falkow, who equally and fully occupies the period with her, for good and ill. ‘Train to Zakopané’ is a deeply moving, wonderful film!”



TRAIN TO ZAKOPANÉ: A TRUE STORY OF HATE AND LOVE explores the human condition in its darkest and most exquisite moments. It is a compelling love story that lays bare how compassion and intolerance can, even in the most unusual of circumstances, be one.


Cast: Tanna Frederick, Mike Falkow, Cathy Arden, Stephen Howard, Kelly DeSarla, and Jeff Elam.

2018 104 min.